About us

AO TAMAK is a modern woodworking enterprise, one of its major lines is the production of construction material – cement-bonded particle boards.

Since 1984 the company TAMAK together with developers has accumulated unique competencies continuously improving the production and application technology of cement-bonded particle boards, bringing their physico-mechanical and environmental properties to perfection.

Therefore today TAMAK offers the material of the 21st century – modern, strong, durable and ecologically safe. TAMAK cement-bonded particle boards provide investors, architects and private homeowners with a solid foundation and open unlimited opportunities for the implementation of bold design and architectural solutions in the construction of prefabricated buildings.

More than 1 500 000 m2 of comfortable low-rise houses have been built with TAMAK cement-bonded particle boards by 2023.

Alyona Cheremisina.
AO TAMAK is the biggest manufacturer of cement-bonded particle boards in CIS and Europe.
The production
m3 per year
Total amount of investments
for 15 years – over
The road built
from Moscow to Paris
Since 1986 CBPB manufactured
1 000 000 m3 × 12 mm =
The road of
CBPB manufactured 1.25 m
(1.5 times longer than equator)
Advantages of AO TAMAK


Diploma of All-Russian Competition Program “100 best products of Russia”

High production capacity

Since 1985 more than
90 000 000 m2
of CBPB have been manufactured

Regular modernization of equipment fleet

Since 1999 more than 1 bln RUB has been invested into the production

Specialists with professional experience of more than 30 years!

Qualified specialists with a long professional experience.

Factory laboratory

Each manufactured batch of cement-bonded particle boards is tested for compliance with the national and European standards (GOST and EN) in the factory laboratory.

Factory testing area

The company conducts full-scale tests of various types of coverings and structures made with cement-bonded particle boards.

Cooperation with AO «tsniipromzdaniy»

AO «TSNIIPROMZDANIY» developed and certified the album of engineering solutions for cement-bonded particle boards application in civil and industrial construction.

European and russian

Since 2005 TAMAK cement-bonded particle boards are certified in compliance with European standard
EN 634-2.

Well-developed logistics

We deliver to any region by road, rail, sea transport.

Participation in industry associations and exhibitions

«TAMAK» is an active member of national associations: Association of Wooden House Construction, ECOSOYUZ. For more than 12 years our company has taken part in international and national building exhibitions.
Feedback from our partners
Sales geography
TAMAK products are delivered throughout Russia and abroad to such countries as Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, India, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

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