CBPB production

High quality of TAMAK cement-bonded particle boards is guaranteed by a strict quality control in accordance with national standards (GOST 26816-2016) (CSP-1-highest quality) and European standard EN 634-2.

Cement-bonded particle boards are manufactured by pressing moulded mixture, consisting of coniferous wood chips, Portland cement, mineral substances and water.

Cement-bonded particle board is a hard monolith material. Emitting of dust, gas or vapour from the boards is impossible due to mineralization of contained substances and production technology.

CBPB composition

CBPB application fields

The TAMAK CBPB has a number of undeniable advantages when used in prefabricated constructions which must meet such exacting demands as high strength, moisture resistance, soundproofness, fire-safety, ecological compatibility and hygienic harmlessness, resistance to atmosphere influence. Tests showed that the TAMAK CBPB can stand unfavourable weather conditions for long periods of time. The material does not demand building goods shed for its storage before and during the process of assembly.

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Unique combination
of CBPB characteristics
Ecological safety
ТАМАК CBPB is an ecologically sound material. Cement-bonded particle boards do not contain dangerous phenol and formaldehyde bonding substances, or any other poisons. The main binder is cement.
ТАМАК CBPB sustains fungus, pruners, gnawing animal actions. It is noteworthy that this biostability is achieved without using some special antiseptic agents as the components of CBPB and without surface treatment with antiseptic agent.
During the production process the cement-bonded particle carpet is formed out of four layers: exterior layers – out of small-sized wooden chips, interior ones – out of bigger chips.
Fire resistance
Do not burn! Do not sustain combustion!
Do not spread fire!
Moisture resistance
The boards not only enhance wooden frames with additional stiffness, but also serve as the defense from atmospheric actions.
Frost resistance
Frost resistance is one of crucial advantages of CBPB, expending geography of its use.
Delivery by road, rail and sea transport to any region provides a wide sales geography – throughout Russia, as well as in 23 neighboring countries and Europe.

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