OOO «Sevkavkomplekt»

In 2001 we had a task to tap the market of building materials. We consulted with experts and learned about high-quality CBPB produced by TAMAK.  Nobody seriously promoted these products in our region before. We conducted an advertising campaign, brought the first batch of CBPB and found out that these products are incredibly desirable: economical, ecologically sound, indispensable for the rapid buildings construction. Directors of enterprises started to call us, retailers began to be interested in TAMAK products. Sales volumes increased every year. We had sub-dealers in Sochi and Makhachkala —thanks to the support of TAMAK we were able to enter the market with TAMAK CBPB in time.

For 18 years we have actively cooperated with company TAMAK in development of own business and promotion of the product (TAMAK CBPB) on the construction market, we participated several times in exhibitions and events on CBPB popularization in cooperation with the company. At our request, the company entered into a partnership with the Don State Technical University and Rostov State Construction University and held a series of lectures for students.

The company TAMAK is a reliable partner with a professional team of employees. The company TAMAK, applying the highest requirements to products, taught us to work only with the qualitative certified ecological materials and to check all materials for their quality.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the staff of the company for the productive cooperation and excellent products.

Yours faithfully, Rylkova T.E., deputy CEO of OOO Sevkavkomplekt

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