OOO «Akkad»

OOO Akkad has been the dealer of your enterprise since 2002.

During this time, you have created the brand TAMAK and earned a reputation as an honest, civilized partner, working with whom is a great honor and privilege.

The quality of cement-bonded particle boards manufactured by your company is out of question and, despite the fact that BZS cement-bonded particle boards appeared on the market in Ukraine, we still manage to attract customers with technical characteristics of the boards, and not just a price reduction.

Your truly European management helps us in this. I want to thank:

- Savin Andrey Viktorovich, director of CBPB line, who despite his busy schedule is always ready to help with advice and suggests specialists to contact for a particular issue;

- Kofanov Aleksandr Viktorovich helps with advice if our project designers need consultation;

- Filippov Sergey Sergeevich is always ready to share his experience on housing construction;

Needless to say that Sales department is the closest to us: Vadim Komylevich, Mikhail Rodionov, Dmitriy Kamenskiy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully, Kogan V.G., director of TOV Akkad

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