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OOO «Akkad»
OOO Akkad has been the dealer of your enterprise since 2002. During this time, you have created the brand TAMAK and earned a reputation as an honest, civilized partner, working with whom is a great honor and privilege. The quality of cement-bonded particle b...
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Our company OOO SMIPT has cooperated with the company TAMAK since 2009. Our cooperation began with the deliveries of cement-bonded particle boards to the market of Belarus, and then went on with panel timber frame houses and fachwerk houses.  Product of A...
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OOO «Sevkavkomplekt»
In 2001 we had a task to tap the market of building materials. We consulted with experts and learned about high-quality CBPB produced by TAMAK.  Nobody seriously promoted these products in our region before. We conducted an advertising campaign, brought t...
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The company OOO RESURS expresses sincere respect to the company AO TAMAK and hereby expresses its gratitude for the effective cooperation in the delivery of CBPB. Thanks to the coordinated and operational work of all departments of AO TAMAK, our company maint...
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OOO «Kupava»
The company Kupava has cooperated with AO TAMAK for more than 17 years. There was a production of CBPB in our region at the time of the beginning of our cooperation. However, the quality of TAMAK cement-bonded particle boards is so high that we prefer to deliv...
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