If you have CBPB boards the application of this material in interior works may be limited only by your own imagination. With CBPB you may get not only high-quality rough covering for walls or a framework, but also magnificent interior finishing in loft style or «high-tech» style.

The great advantage is that CBPB is moisture resistant material, this allows to apply the boards in premises with high humidity (bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchens). You can clarify application recommendations in the sales department of TAMAK CBPB.

The use of unfinished CPBP boards allows to quicken the interior works, also due to timber base it is possible not only to twist screws, but hammer in nails for hanging pictures, mirrors, shelves or decoration. CBPB is valued for interiors due to its high fire resistance. This material not only resists to direct flame for 50 minutes, but does not emit toxic combustion products.

Constructions with CBPB
Calculation of the number of DSP sheets and screws
To install a «floating» floor (on insulation), 10-12 mm thick CBPB plates should be laid in two layers. The upper plate overlapping the joint of the lower plates must be fixed to both plates. To install a floor on joists, 20-24 mm thick CBPB plates are used. In this case, the distance between the joists should be no more than 400 mm. CBPB plates are laid perpendicular to the joists and fastened at intervals of 300 mm.
Room length, m
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Room width, m
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Other applications
Processing and fixing CBPB
  • - CBPB fastening with nails.
  • - CBPB fastening with screws.
  • - Joints (installation and execution).
  • - Edges and joints.
  • - Cutting.
  • - Drilling work.
  • - Milling work.
  • - Grinding.
  • - Painting.
  • - Plastering.

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