Plates having thickness 10,12 and 16 mm are used as exterior and interior walls facing on a wooden or metal frame-lathwork, column facing or cross-beams of public, production and agricultural buildings.

The TAMAK CBPB has a number of obvious advantages when used in prefabricated constructions which must meet such exacting demands as high strength, moisture resistance, soundproofness, fire-safety, ecological compatibility and hygienic harmlessness, resistance to atmosphere influence.

Tests showed that the TAMAK CBPB can stand bad weather conditions. The material does not demand building goods shed for its storage before and during the process of assembly.

Stiffening the frame. Use in earthquake-prone areas is possible.
Painted CBPB can be used as external cladding of frame houses.
Natural biostability: resistance to damage by fungi and insects.
Easy finishing due to the flat surface of the plates.
Fire protection for frame structures.
An environmentally friendly product. Suitable for use inside residential and medical premises.
Can be used in wet areas.
Heavy shelves can be hanged directly on the CBPB (up to 400 kg pro two suspension points).
Resistance to mechanical influences.
Easy finishing due to the flat surface of the plates.
It is possible to increase the sound insulation of enclosure structures.
Convenient plate formats: 1250х2700, 1250х3200.

Constructions with CBPB
Application instructions
Calculation of the number of DSP sheets and screws
To install a «floating» floor (on insulation), 10-12 mm thick CBPB plates should be laid in two layers. The upper plate overlapping the joint of the lower plates must be fixed to both plates. To install a floor on joists, 20-24 mm thick CBPB plates are used. In this case, the distance between the joists should be no more than 400 mm. CBPB plates are laid perpendicular to the joists and fastened at intervals of 300 mm.
Room length, m
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Room width, m
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Amount of CBPB plates needed: 0 pcs
Amount of fastening screws needed: 0 pcs
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Other applications
Processing and fixing CBPB
  • - CBPB fastening with nails.
  • - CBPB fastening with screws.
  • - Joints (installation and execution).
  • - Edges and joints.
  • - Cutting.
  • - Drilling work.
  • - Milling work.
  • - Grinding.
  • - Painting.
  • - Plastering.

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