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Ideas for dacha
Hello, Alexey! Thank you for your sensitivity and help in CBPB purchasing, despite the fact that I came to you almost by the time of closing. I returned from the countryside after the May holidays and immediately hurried to send you a letter to thank you and...
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Tamak partners – tsk fomin`s opinion on peculiarities of flat roof installation with tamak cbpb
Multifunctional transport hub in Moscow where the flat roof installation with TAMAK CBPB takes place. Nowadays flat roofs are one of the most popular solutions for both civil and industrial construction.
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Interview with Tatyana Rylkova, chief executive of OOO Sevkavkomplekt, and deputy director of Adamant Group in rostov-on-don
Tatyana Rylkova Good afternoon. An experienced builder, Deputy Director of Adamant Group came to us today. This company was the ancestor of CBPB application in Rostov-on-don. They built a lot of houses in Lensk, in the Stavropol region after the flood, in the...
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